Can I customize my board?

Yes, we offer customization as long as the products you are requesting are in season and in stock! Email us for any customization questions. 

What different sizes do the boards come in?

All of our board sizes are under the Boards page. Once you select a board dimensions are listed on the product page.  

Where are the crackers?

So we hate to waste space on a beautiful board with crackers so... all of our boards come with crackers on the side. For the smaller boards they are in a separate bag and for larger boards we create a cracker box to enjoy! 

What does the charcuterie come on?

All of our boards either come on a disposable wooden tray or in a Kraft bakers box.  

Do you make boards for vegetarians or vegans?

We have a vegetarian option for all of our boards. If you are interested in a vegan board please contact us! 

What are you doing to maintain safety during Covid19?

All of our staff maintains the utmost caution in terms of Covid19. Our delivery drivers are required by us to wear masks when delivering any of our products to our customers.  

What is your delivery radius?

We currently are not offering delivery unless you've booked a grazing table or special event order with us. 

Where did all your boards go?  

We recently announced last month that we will no longer be making and delivering boards daily. Due to a change in Ashleigh's 9-5 job and other circumstances it's not feasible for us anymore. With that said, we are still offering our public/private classes, grazing tables, and special event orders including charcuterie cups and larger boards. We will also be having "board drops" throughout the year where we make a certain number of boards for pickup or delivery. 

What is a board drop? 

Throughout the year we will announce "board drops." These are specific dates and times that we will have our normal board sizes available for picking and/or delivery. To find out when these are, please follow us on Facebook (@therusticboardtx) or Instagram (@therusticboard) for announcements.